Design / Play / Disrupt

Outside of museums, my personal interest is quite simple. I enjoy LEGO and I enjoy videogames. I was raised on Nintendo growing up with NES, SNES, N64 and when I was old enough, buying a Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. I've also owned Gameboys, DS', 3DS', Playstations and Xbox's. I would describe myself … Continue reading Design / Play / Disrupt

On Museum Studies

I feel like I've been working on this blog for ages.  Initially I put a tweet out (in July! Jesus!) asking about museum studies courses, for my own interest, as I was, at the time contemplating future career moves. The responses I got were varied to say the least. Some people had undertaken a … Continue reading On Museum Studies

A Day in London Museums

I’ll put up my hands and say it. I love museums. I just love going to them. Love seeing what’s on display. Love admiring the works of art, seeing the objects and reading the stories. Wherever I go, and much to the dismay of others, I have to go to a Museum. My day out … Continue reading A Day in London Museums

Scottish Museums Day

This blog was written by myself, reflecting on the success of Scottish Museums Day at the start of October. It was originally published on the Scottish Museums Federation blog page on the 11th October 2016.  On a January morning, earlier this year, I stumbled across the hashtag #CanadianMuseumsDay. That sounds fantastic I thought. Why can't we have … Continue reading Scottish Museums Day

Edinburgh’s Dark History: Burke and Hare

I originally wrote this post for the National Museum of Scotland's blog in November 2015. You can read about the Arthur's Seat Coffins, and Five Unsolved Mysteries at NMS here.  William Burke was executed on January 28 1829. As punishment for his crimes he was publicly dissected by the anatomist Professor Alexander Monro (tertius) at the University of Edinburgh. … Continue reading Edinburgh’s Dark History: Burke and Hare