Scottish Museums Day: Vol IV

This post originally appeared on the Scottish Museums Federation blog in October 2019

You know the drill by now. September rolls around and we quickly are whipped into a social media frenzy with realisation that #ScottishMuseumsDay is less than a month away!

By our fourth year, (yes, fourth. No, really!) we’d become a dab hand at running this social media day. The challenge this year as with every year was to make sure that people were aware of it and that they were keen to take part!

We resurrected an old group message to let people know that Scottish Museums Day was on again, and the participants erupted with glee, keen to have it back, and keen to let us know they’d be taking part!

We put some notes on our website, directing people to how they could take part and what exactly #ScottishMuseumsDay was, and we headed towards October 3rd.

We kicked things off at 6am, and chucked in a Mean Girls tweet as well, because well, that’s the reason we picked October 3rd.

In the first two years we’d looked to Thunderclap for support. With changes in privacy laws and the lovely GDPR, that was cast aside last year. There were some absolutely cracking tweets across the day.

The Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum made an absolutely herculean effort and did an A-Z of their collection.

Glasgow Women’s Library took it upon themselves to kick start a poem with contributions from museums across the sector, as it was also National Poetry Day!

We had tweets sent from all over Scotland, from Strathnaver to Dumfries and as far afield as Nova Scotia and the Horniman in London.

When it was all said and done, I did a bit of number crunching and ended up with the below

Over 400 Tweets were sent,

reaching over 1.2 million accounts

creating over 1.65 million impressions

with contributions from over 282 accounts

Again, a superb effort from the entire team in delivering another successful social media awareness day.  Check out the #ScottishMuseumsDay on Twitter to see some more of the amazing tweets sent on the day!


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