Transformers – Museums in Disguise

I put in an application for Museums Association Transformers Programme at the start of March, as a colleague suggested it’d be “the tonic and catalyst I desired“.

Fast forward to the start of April and I’d been accepted onto the #MATransformers. Transformers, for those who don’t know, is a professional development programme run by the Museums Association that supports museum professionals to develop innovative ways of working. There were three strands open, Innovate, Influence and Diversify. I put in an application for Influence, as this strand is for people who believe in the social power of museums and who want to learn more about developing active partnerships within their communities, with the ambition of affecting the museum sector more widely.

I truly feel that through social media, museums can be a voice for change. As an individual that manages a social media account for a museum, I have a responsibility to ensure that my museum’s message is displayed accurately and clearly. Social media is great and it can be used to share information, but social media for museums should really be used as a “voice” for an organisation.

By injecting a bit of humour and character to our museum (and library and archive and gallery) twitter accounts we can come out with classics like the two below.


Seeing such fantastic content come out of these accounts inspires me. I’m very fortunate to work in a sector that learns from each other, shares best practice, and is honest in saying what works and what doesn’t. I’ve not had a massive opportunity, yet, to engage with my own museum’s local community but I’m hoping that by going down this route, Transformers will give me the opportunity to do so.

Already my mind is thinking about what content to create next and how to engage using our collections in another way.  and whilst I’m only setting out my Transformers adventure, I’m excited for what it will bring.

You can follow all the MATransformers on Twitter by searching for the #MATransformers hashtag.


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